So, you want to open a Marijuana Dispensary? A tremendous market and dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. The field has sky-rocketed in popularity over the last several years and grown at a steady rate since legalization. Seems like an obvious decision to pursue a business so successful and high in demand.  Sound too good to be true?  There are many factors that need to be considered from the process of stepping into the field to what needs to be done in order to upkeep a prosperous company.

The medical/recreational marijuana market is an intimidating process to take on. Especially with no prior experience in the field. The team at Dispensary Wiring got together and outlined the aspects to the industry that can easily be overlooked but crucial to the operation of a successful dispensary.

Here’s the official Administrative Code of Security Requirements as well as our own list of some important aspects to pay attention to when starting out in the business.

-Application Process

-Location Approval

-Required Security Protocol

-Legal Requirements

-Relevant Laws/Local Ordinance

-License Fees/Types of Licenses

-Required Surveillance System

Our company is here to help small businesses form a strong foundation. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of legal requirements, security systems, and perfected IT techniques specifically for the industries high standards. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs where we will dive deeper and explain these topics in greater detail. 


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