It took a matter of five days before an Illinois dispensary fell victim to a heist. Police believe the robbery was perpetrated by an employee or at the very least aided by someone who worked there. The burglar used an employee key card to gain access, and a torch to cut into the safe. Mission…POSSIBLE.

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While I can’t offer you advice on the “Ocean’s Eleven” style safecrack, I can tell you that this could have been avoided. RFID access is a great idea but depending on where you get it, the encryption level may not be up to snuff. Biometric, while more expensive upfront, provides you a much more secure system for granting access. It is also important to set robust protocols for access no matter what system you are using. WHY ON EARTH did an employee key card allow them to gain access in the middle of the night?!?!?!

There are so many solutions to emergency access that no individual’s key card should work between certain hours of the night. A door entry system can have a keypad that has a rolling code that must be given to the person trying to gain access that is generated by either an alarm company, the general manager, or the owner. These access codes are never the same and require a second party to verify the incoming personnel.

Sound expensive? How does getting $200k yanked from your safe sound?? Let’s not even talk about why that much money was left in the store overnight. That is a WHOLE bag of WRONG. This is why you need Dispensary Wiring. Our security and surveillance is like parking an M1 Abrams tank at your front door at night.

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