Dispensary Wiring Blog 5/08/2020

Forget Toilet Paper

Post Covid crisis, Cannabis Dispensary owners will likely be counted among the biggest winners in our currently uneasy business environment. Essentially, cannabis shops are THRIVING… 

Dispensary Wiring Blog 4/20/2020

Thermal Cameras  Become a Critical…

As the world explores new methods to contain the virus, many major companies such as Tyson Foods, Intel Corp, and Amazon are at the forefront of providing higher security levels. These corporations have implemented temperature monitoring solutions by…

Dispensary Wiring Blog 2/28/2020

Coronavirus Taking    It’s Toll…

25% of global optical fiber production is found in Wuhan’s province. The apparent birthplace of COVID-19. Labor scarcity and traffic limitations have slowed or completely stopped regular business operations

Dispensary Wiring Blog 2/28/2020

The Dream of

Opening a New…

So, you want to open a Marijuana Dispensary? A tremendous market and dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. The field has sky-rocketed in popularity over the last several years and grown at a steady rate since legalization. Seems like an obvious decision to pursue a business so successful and high in demand…

Dispensary Wiring Blog 1/22/2020

Keep The Roaches Out of…

It took a matter of five days before an Illinois dispensary fell victim to a heist. Police believe the robbery was perpetrated by an employee or at the very least aided by someone who worked there. The burglar used an employee key card to gain access, and a torch to cut into the safe. Mission…

Dispensary Wiring Blog 1/6/2020

To Terabyte or Not…

Illinois has specific guidelines that must be adhered to regarding video surveillance of a cannabis dispensary. Think I’m kidding?  It even goes so far as to tell you the minimum size your monitor for viewing must be 19”, who can access it, and where it must be located...

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