Surveillance Systems

Keeping your company’s data safe and servers secure.

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Surveillance Systems

When it comes to IT, security is a top priority. Ateki’s technicians understand the importance of securing your data, implementing surveillance systems, and installing entryway access points. Our services include everything from installing security systems/software to authorized servers and privacy. Our team works with a wide range of industries and we understand the different levels of security required for every field. We protect your business by staying current with today’s technology. To ensure consistency, privacy, and quality, Ateki never uses outside contractors for projects. Our in-house Low-Voltage Wiring team is trained to tackle any size job and will be with you from start to finish.


Protecting Your Business With Security Systems and Software:

Audio/Visual Wiring

VoIP and Telephone Solutions

High-Quality HD Audio

Customizable PBX System

Digital Menu Boards

CAT 5/6/7 and Fiber Optic Installation

Streamlined Communication

Extensions Forwarding & Voicemail

Access Control Systems

Technical Support

Ateki’s foundation is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. Being environmentally conscious is of utmost importance to us. We actively practice reducing our impact on the planet by using responsibly sourced products made from sustainable materials.

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