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This process starts with an in-depth assessment of your company’s technology needs. Ateki’s team of design engineers work closely together with our wiring technicians to meet project deadlines and safety regulations. 

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Voice / Data Installation and Maintenance

• Cabling and Certification
• Structured Wire Management
• Network Development and Implementation
• VoIP and Telephony Solutions
• Wired and Wireless Network Access Management

Project Management

• From Conception to “Day-One Live”
• Single Point of Contact for all Technology Execution
• Resource Planning and Budgeting
• Real Time Reporting

Fixed Cost IT Management & Virtual CTO

• Proactive Monitoring of Devices and Servers
• On-Site and Remote Maintenance
• Security Implementation
• 24/7 Help Desk
• Future Needs Assessment and Budgeting

Surveillance and Secure Access

• IP based camera surveillance
• Network Video Recording
• Mapped Motion Detection
• Retention Policies and Documentation
• Mobile Monitoring Solutions
• RFID Controlled Access Doors
• Software-based Access Reporting

Digital Signage & Multimedia Solutions

• Completely Customizeable Video Solutions
• Brand Marketing/Recognition
• Information and Assisted Selling
• Advertising
• Digital Menu Boards
• Aesthetics and Entertainment

Wireless Access and Security
  • Provide Wireless Access and Coverage
  • Increase Mobility and Collaboration
  • Secure Design of Wireless Systems
  • Guest Network Provisioning