Access Control Systems

Giving you the mobility and control over company-wide entryways and restricted areas.

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Key Cards – BioMetric Entry – Rolling Code – 24/7 Access

Access control readers give permission to enter a building or area based on established credentials. Things like key cards, key fobs, or biometric fingerprint scanners are all control system devices. This equipment works by analyzing and authorizing certain ID’s in order to grant access to restricted areas. The process begins with our in-house technicians, specially trained in assessing and tailoring solutions for your facility. Our team then takes you through the process of categorizing employees, executives, freelancers, or vendors to different types of groups and access levels.

Door readers connect to a network with integrated software, making tracking those entering or exiting the building simple. Access control systems protect your facility by detecting after-hours activity or potential break-in’s. In response to such an event security supervisors and business owners are notified via instant message. Furthermore, these technologies have housing compatibilities with local and Cloud servers alike. Overall, navigating entryway systems is made easy with upgraded keypads, card readers, or mobile devices. 


Protect And Manage Who Goes In And Out Of Your Workplace:

HID Mobile Access

Rolling Code Control

Biometric Authentication

Employee Access ID Cards

RFID Technology

No More Hassle With Keys

Protect Against Unwanted Visitors

Gives Staff Freedom to Work When Needed

Fail-Safe Electric Locks

Technical Support

Ateki’s foundation is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. Being environmentally conscious is of utmost importance to us. We actively practice reducing our impact on the planet by using responsibly sourced products made from sustainable materials.

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